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I was burdened with a boat load of antiques and accessories that my uncle left to my mom when he died. We didn't want to give it away, but, turn it into a liquid resource at a fair price for my mom and her brother who were heirs .

This really was a mess. My uncle was a blessing, but, he was not Mr.Clean. I entrusted the whole project to Michael and Laurel who worked diligently week after week in preparing for sale.

The sale went off without a stitch ...and everyone was happy. Michael and Laurel are two I can trust, since I am not very knowledgeable about these kind of things. I trust them as a brother and sister. We already have made tentative arrangements to handle my parents things when the time comes. Trust is a valuable resource,and, they have mine!


I have known Mike and Laurel for over 25 years. They conducted a superb on-site auction for me 20 years ago. I would trust and recommend them to anyone.

Antiques Collector
Karrville, NJ

Emily Bundy

Mike Stasak is a well known antiques dealer and auctioneer in the north eastern states. I have known him and dealt professionally with him for 30+ years. I have known his partner, Laurel Fox for approximately 25 years and would recommend both of them for my business activities. Both are professional and competent.

Antiques Collector & Dealer
Milford, NJ

Dr. Suzanne S. Murphy